Important Information

SJT and DHT holders gets 10% Discount with each NFT Minting
NFT holders are subject to a 2.5% royalty upon NFT resale
NFTs are randomly selected from the collection for minting
NFTs are designed with traits ranging from common to rare
NFTs can be used as web3 in-game profile avatar
How to MINT NFTs
How to transfer NFTs to Opensea for resale

How To Mint NFTs

Step 1

Download Metamask Wallet

Step 2

Add Polygon (Matic) Network to Metamask Wallet

Step 3

Fund Metamask Wallet with Matic Token

‘Note: If you are purchasing Matic on the ethereum network, for example, on Coinbase,, etc., please use a bridge to send your Matic tokens to the Polygon network. If you are using Moonpay, no bridge is required. Just ensure that you select the Polygon (Polygon) option and not the Polygon (ERC-20) option when purchasing your Matic token.’

Step 4

Click 'Connect' and choose one of the supported wallets

Step 5

Click 'Mint' and swap Matic token for the number of NFTs required

Step 6

Add NFT collection contract address to wallet to make the NFT visible in Metamask UI

How To Transfer NFTs to Opensea for Resale

Log Onto

Connect Your Wallet

Open your Opensea profile

Select your NFT

Paste your deposit address

Click "transfer" then confirm the transfer on Polygonscan


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